18. apr, 2016

The twins are now 6 weeks old

Time to write a bit to 🙂 The twins have now got a "play yard" with a lot activity and thing to discover, they are outside everyday, they have met many strangers and other dogs, its no fear or insecurity, just curious and very very very happy 😀 They still are a little bit fat, I think mummy got creme, not milk 😉 But they also love food, Nica is so happy for food that she must have a little break eating just to dance a little bit, before she start eating again 😀 They are with our other dogs all the time now in the hole house, so they will be very good accustomed with all thing that happens in a house and daily life. Nico is a teaser that love to teas hes grandmother Kilah, she is a little bit grumpy when the twins will take her tales, but Nico just think thats fun, Nica shows a little bit more respect 🙂 They are playing with theyre rottweiler "aunt" Khali almost all the time, so we have to separate them ocassinally so they can have some rest and not getting stressed up. They just love to sit on our arms, not so much for snuggle, but play with your nose and ears and hair and.... 😉 But when they are tired, they love cuddling on the arm ❤ Its so sad I couldnt keep Nica in our kennel, she is so "perfekt" but with a kink tail, we cant use her in the breeding, so sad 😥 Lucky people that she is going to, and I am totaly sure she will have a wonderful life in Switzerland 😀